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Because paper is the beginning of every Idea, we use paper to keep our thoughts, to express our feeling, and to share all knowledge. Paper is part of our life. We commits to develop better paper with innovation to serve your distinguished need perfectly and efficiently. Every Idea paper is developed under concept “Think for the Better”

Pornwilai International Ltd. Established in 1985. We offer Largest selection of quality Paper such as Double A, Paper Line, Paper One,  Xerox and reviews for home, office and commercial use, Great prices Etc. We can supply these products in large quantities.

We continuously develop its forest with the goal of producing the best premium office paper through a sustainable process, striving to improve natural resource measures such as soil fertility and water quality, protecting environmental biodiversity.

Paper is produced through drying the pulp liquid stock of pulp and then allowing the cellulose fibres to matt together and combine. While the paper is still damp, it is fed through a series of heated rollers to flatten and dry. The product is then coated with binding agents and various additives to improve its printing properties. Finally, to make the paper smooth and glossy, it is run through more rollers. The end product is then ready for use.

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'We are professional competitive and competent in our service'
Pornwilai International Ltd. helping customers get more profitable by providing quality equipment at less cost, we test every item before delivery. All products come with the best quality control.

We are one of the world’s leading office paper providers, and you’re are in the right place to find out everything there is to know about our complete range.

Whatever your requirements, use the links to find the precise business paper product or solution that best satisfies your needs. The product finder on the right can also help you find the right product.
EcoFiber is a high-quality environment-friendly fiber obtained from waste and post-consumed materials collected outside the mill. With effective sorting, well managing, and comprehensive control system, EcoFiber distinctively delivers high quality performance while preserving the environment.
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